I Learn English on the Streets- Sera & Ote

By Sean Flanigan

Santa Fe, Near Granada, Spain.
This place.
My Friend Sera & his gypsy boss, Ote.

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  1. Posted on March 2, 2013
    by Kristopher Gerner

    Wow, that is a really beautiful photograph!

  2. Posted on March 2, 2013
    by Juan Carlos Fotografo


  3. Posted on March 3, 2013
    by Tyler Ray

    Wow, what a gorgeous shot. Are these friends of yours or people you just met?

  4. Posted on March 3, 2013
    by Nash Ruiz

    I hope you enjoyed your stay in my country. Greetings.

  5. Posted on March 4, 2013
    by posicionamiento web

    Great Serah & ote. :)

  6. Posted on March 5, 2013
    by Alexandra

    Love this shot – love you work!

  7. Posted on March 6, 2013
    by chusico

    hehehe I learn english on the streets too!!!

  8. Posted on March 7, 2013
    by ed peers

    Oh my.

  9. Posted on March 8, 2013
    by caleb

    dude. so good. that location is other-worldly.

  10. Posted on February 11, 2014
    by Hochzeitsfotograf

    I must say that you give us a new inspiration of shooting photos like this.

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