The Postcard Project-For purchase this time.

By Sean Flanigan

Get ‘em while they’re hot!
If you’d like to purchase an assortment of 10 postcards for $50, please email with the subject Postcard. We’ll send you an invoice from there and your cards will be on the way within a week.

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  1. Posted on September 24, 2012
    by Kristin Shyla

    This series makes my heart skip a beat. Love your work! Time gets lost for me looking at it. Thank you!

  2. Posted on October 31, 2012
    by emma williams

    sent you an email. fo sho.

  3. Posted on February 19, 2013

    may I have a postcard? Sending you and email…gonna put it in a beautifully spray painted frame and hang over my desk next to a chick from russia with a boxing glove and a stolen montana license plate. you do great work bruddah, so where ever your feet find ya may they be planted somewhere beautiful surrounded by those ya love.

  4. Posted on April 3, 2013
    by Simon

    Hi Sean, I’d love a postcard please. Love your stuff!

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